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It's been a fun ride working for all of you sea glass enthusiasts but I am retired and liquidating my collection.  I am grateful for your support over the years and wish you all happy sea glass hunting!

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 "Authenic Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee"
I Welcome you to my online store of “Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee”! 
We are forever in motion like the tides in the sea.  Here you will always find new hand made, jewelry art designs embracing beautiful authentic sea glass for sale in the gallery.  Featuring a vast array of some of the rarest pieces of authentic jewelry quality sea glass in the world.  Each piece beautifully hand crafted into fine sea glass jewelry with my own sassy spin on each design in sterling silver and gold. 

If you are a return customer I thank you!  It is because of your continued support that we are commencing our 13th year on the web.  If you are new to this site please feel free to visit my guestbook to view comments from hundreds of satisfied customers and fellow sea glass lovers. 

Now I invite you savor your sea glass jewelry shopping experience just like a day at the beach.  Kick back, relax and enjoy browsing a grand selection of exquisite sea glass jewelry.

 Now located in Kennebunkport, ME and Bradenton, FL!  Shop for sea glass jewelry in person. Call and schedule your appointment today. 978-270-1021

The Gallery is now in liquidation mode and my beautiful and rare sea glass collection will be sold online soon!  If you are an avid sea glass collector stay tuned!

 Looking back!


A little about me:

I am Danielle of "Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee" and it is no secret that transforming authentic sea glass into jewelry art is my passion and my pleasure!  I love making magic for all the Mermaids who love sea glass and jewelry. This artist is dedicated to bringing a full, colorful array of authentic sea glass jewelry to my customers to be worn year round that is beautiful yet durable with new additions added almost daily offering an ocean of fascinating, exceptional designer sea glass jewelry.

Thanks to my Grandmother Mimi's influence, my fascination with beach combing and sea glass has been a lifelong hobby turned full time career several years ago.  If Mimi could only see me now!   And now... I am delighted to present to you my line of award winning, authentic sea glass jewelry.  Beautiful sea glass pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, sea glass rings and more are featured in my gallery. With close attention to detail I remain true to my sea glass art with each piece of seaglass jewelry being original, unique and hand crafted by me personally using the finest sterling silver and gold products.  I use only genuine beach seaglass, much of which has been beach combed by me and my grandmother "Mimi" from the shores of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine over a period of decades.  Other rare pieces of sea glass used in my jewelry creations have been beachcombed from distant beaches around the globe such as Nova Scotia, Hawaii, Washington State, the Caribbean and England by world renowned beach glass collectors. My jewelry techniques with sea glass include bezel settings, wire wrapped and complex beaded designs.  Each technique with my own sassy spin on design.

A true beach and nature lover, I take personal responsibility to try to create Eco Friendly, green sea glass jewelry. Each item is handmade combining wire wrapped and metal smithing techniques with recycled sterling silver in an effort to preserve the integrity of these beautiful, unaltered sea glass gems.     

About my sea glass jewelry line:

 Certificate of Authenticity for Sea Glass Jewelry

A  "Certificate of Authenticity" comes with each piece of sea glass jewelry as an attestation that it is made with only genuine, naturally tumbled sea glass and handcrafted by this artist.  My personal sea glass story is on the back side of each Certificate. Protected under the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  All work and documentation ©2006 - 2017

 "The Collector's Choice" ™ edition showcases some of the rarest, most pristine sea glass finds in the world. Most of these items have been traded by professional collectors in remote areas of the world. These seashore discoveries have become much desired collectors' items and I present them  to you as one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Enjoy browsing  and discover items such as authentic sea glass milk glass, jadeite, sea glass marbles, bottle stoppers and much more while "The Beach Bum Series' ™ captures the hearts of the ultimate Beach Bum with evocative sea glass finds in hand made jewelry $150 or less.  See if you can identify any of the patterns or colors of sea glass and sea glass pottery shards from this collection. Priced affordably I strive to please every sea glass enthusiast.


    Sea Glass Necklaces & Pendants in Silver




Sea Glass Hinge Linked Bracelets

 With  Multiple Pieces


 Sea Glass Marble Bracelets


 Sea Glass Bangle Bracelets

 Designer sea glass bracelet made with authentic sea glass, pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

Sea Glass, Swarovski & Gems  

Sea Glass Charm Bracelets

  Authentic Sea Glass Bracelets In Gold

   Sea Glass Bracelets in GF


Bling up your Holidays with Sea Glass & Swarovski?  Kicking it up a notch with a line of glistening sea glass jewelry is the "Seaglass & Swarovski" Collection .  These distinct designs give sea glass jewelry a whole new dimension with their cascades of Swarovksi crystals and pearls. Dress up any occassion with this line of sea glass jewelry. 

"Sea Glass Jewelry For The Bride" 

  Authentic Sea Glass Earrings

   Sea Glass Earrings


   Sea Glass Rings

                   Please note all sea glass rings are made to order!                    


Silver Bangle with Sea Glass


   Sea Glass Cuff Bracelet

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If you collect sea glass have a little fun trying to identify your sea glass. 


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