Sea Glass Jewelry - by DanielleRenee 

THIS ITEM IS ON HOLD FOR JILL! Azure Seas~Amazing Sea Glass Marble Bracelet ©2009 "G" Series
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THIS ITEM IS ON HOLD FOR JILL! Azure Seas~Amazing Sea Glass Marble Bracelet ©2009 "G" Series
Fascinating old sea glass marble from Canada. Very frosty with fabulous rich color fashioned into a bauble charm with argentium and attached to a heavy sterling silver chain. Sterling silver starfish charm appropriately accents this piece. Extremely RARE seaglass!
Reference: 16386


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Jill Brewer wrote on November 25,2009
I have always loved the beach. As a child I would look out over the sea and wonder what happened on the different ships and boats that once sailed the ocean. So when I first heard about sea glass on the travel channel I thought what a wonderful piece of history that is worn in jewelry and is so beautifully made. I have bought three pieces at the present time and love them all. I plan to buy more in the future. Danielle is a very talented artisan and I have enjoyed being one of her customers.