Sea Glass Jewelry - by DanielleRenee 

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Susan L Walton wrote on May 15,2016
Well that is just lovely!! Cant wait to see it in person..What a talented designer you are, Danielle..thank you..Susan

Laura Watkins Ives wrote on June 25,2014
I really want to order a gold w/ green sea glass bracelet but you don't have any! Can I order one?

wade Lee allen wrote on May 12,2014
would like a ring for an engament

Lynne Marie Wallace wrote on April 21,2014
Danielle, hello! Just browsing the NESeaglass site and wondering if you are still involved with the group? I love your new pieces,

they are even more extraordinary than your earlier pieces. And finally, are you in touch with the other original members at all?

My very best , Lynne

Pierrette wrote on April 5,2014
Your jewelry is beautiful! Most interested in the bracelets quite unique from what I see available elsewhere? Beautiful!

Ned wrote on March 30,2014
Hi - just checking in

Barbara wrote on October 29,2012
Received "Beachy Baublicious" seafoam pendant today - it is gorgeous and magnificent - I love it!

Susan wrote on October 4,2012
I received the "Color Me Gorgeous" bracelete yesterday and it is now my favorite piece of jewelry!! I love it!

Karen Arnone wrote on September 27,2012
I have seen a few of your pieces at MVH as I work with Mary V. Do you have a shop as I'd love your work and would love to stop by to see what you have.

NAncy wrote on September 18,2012 about this piece
what does the back look like on some of your pieces wrapped like this. they are just beautiful!

Teri Rushford wrote on September 16,2012
Yesterday, I bought the most beautiful piece of art glass from the coast of Nova Scotia while at the show. I have had so many compliments on it already. Just a side note, my grandson calls me Mimi, too.

Carrol Stovold wrote on September 14,2012
I have a collection of sea glass pieces that I would like to have made into a necklace - there are 7 pieces in the "chakra" colors (7). I would be happy to send you a picture and you can let me know how this might work. Thanks!

Deborah Jacobs wrote on September 2,2012 about this piece
I am an avid follower of yours on FB.

Do you have anymore beach bum earrings for sale? It is my birthday on the 7th & looking to treat myself after a particularly bad year of chemo..

Denise B wrote on August 18,2012
Just rec'd the citron & gold double drop pendent, and it is beautiful. Have purchased it for my sister's b'day, and I am sure she will love it - if she doesn't I will keep it for myself!!!

Sandra J wrote on August 10,2012
I am new to sea glass and a friend told me about your jewelry - simply beautiful. I can not wait to see your work at a show this year!

Sandi wrote on August 7,2012
I bought a beautiful necklace for my Mom. It is so beautiful I want to buy one for myself.

Janet S. wrote on August 4,2012
I bought a beautiful necklace for a friend's birthday. I gave it too her last night and she loved it! The only problem...I didn't order anything for myself.

Laura C Livesay wrote on July 24,2012
I saw your ad in the back of Coastal Living mag...your work is beautiful!!

Vickie Schultz wrote on July 11,2012
Love your designs, when is your 2013 show in Florida, and where will it be.


Jennifer K. wrote on July 2,2012
I just got my custom beach glass necklace in the mail today! I am absolutely pleased and impressed with the craftsmanship. :) Thank you so much for making my piece so special!

Mary Patrick wrote on June 21,2012
I love the earrings I just purchased. They are beautiful, excellent quality!

leo gallagher wrote on June 12,2012
The tote bags are lovely. Have you ever considered adapting your talent/expertise to a photo.

Wow wrote on June 9,2012
Wow, I am truly inspired by how beautiful your work is. GOOD!

Sandy Fehrman wrote on June 6,2012
I just received your gorgeous aqua sea glass on silver toggle chain and I absolutely

love it! Delivery was fast and insured. Thank you so much!

wrote on May 31,2012
I am looking at your site and love your jewellery, especially the rings You made two pieces for me already.

wrote on May 31,2012
I would like to purchase a pair of the cobalt blue or emerald isle cuff links. When will you have another pair made?

James Paul wrote on May 30,2012
What a creative work. well done.

Dina St Pierre wrote on May 22,2012
Wow, I am truly inspired by how beautiful your work is. Exquisite and elegant! Makes me smile from ear to ear ; )

Bob Wild wrote on April 28,2012
I would like to purchase a pair of the cobalt blue or emerald isle cuff links. When will you have another pair made?


Marcy Langeland wrote on April 22,2012
Absolutely exquisite work. Thank you, Danielle.

Joel Weathers wrote on April 16,2012
Better than I ever imagined!

Stephanie wrote on March 23,2012
I received my bracelet today. Beautiful work! The sea glass charm is beautifully done. The back is as pretty as the front. Thank you!

Manuela Witts wrote on March 22,2012
Ocean treasures left on the shore, Nature's gift to adore.

Your exquisite artwork reflects your creative beauty and the magic and mystery of the sea. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Stephanie Davis wrote on March 17,2012
Hello. Love your work! I would like to know if you will be adding more sea glass charms for purchase? Please let me know. I just bought one of your wrap bracelets! Thank you.

Lois wrote on March 16,2012
The Sea holds many treasurers thank you Danielle for sharing them with us.

Karen Maxwell wrote on February 12,2012
I am interested in a pearl necklace with white sea glass for my daughter's wedding. Is that possible before June 17, 2012?

Karen Maxwell wrote on February 12,2012
Beautiful craftmanship and sea glass.

debbie wrote on January 28,2012
Hi Danielle, I am looking at your site and love your jewellery, especially the rings You made two pieces for me already and I would love a ring. Your work is fabulous.

Jane DeGraw wrote on January 28,2012
Hi Danielle, I am a friend of your cousin Fle. We are at this moment looking at your website and your jewelry is amazing. I do a little jewelry design, but nothing of your caliber. enjoyed all the pieces. Jane DeGraw

Alex wrote on January 22,2012 about this piece
Oh no!!!! I was planning on getting these for my fiancee for our wedding. Is there any way to get any more???

Julia Parkhurst wrote on January 8,2012 about this piece
Lookin good, my friend!!!!!

Deborah Snead wrote on January 8,2012
RE: Sea Shore Serenade Necklace ~ Sea Glass ~ Pearls ~ Crystals ©2011

Just a note to say thank you! I absolutely love this neck;ace! I am planning a beach wedding and when I saw this piece I knew this was the necklace I had been looking for. Is there a bracelet and possibly earrings that would match? I will be making other purchases! Love your work!

Mark from Virginia wrote on January 3,2012

Thanks very much... beautiful work on the earings and necklace. She loved the Christmas gift. Mark

Nell wrote on December 28,2011

Do hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a most blessed New Year!

cindy bulash wrote on December 28,2011
do you have an email list? if so can you please put me on it. thanks

Rex Caulder wrote on December 9,2011

DENISE DETZER wrote on November 28,2011
Hi, I have tried to buy one of your necklaces in gold, but they are always sold. Could you e-mail me when you have new ones in gold? Your jewelry is beautiful!! Thank-you, Denise

Michele Couture wrote on November 5,2011
Beautiful work, will you be making any more in the bridal collection?

Jill Negron wrote on October 25,2011
Please add me to your email. Saw your add in Coastal Living and already bought one piece and have my eye on another!!!

joanne Lancaster wrote on October 20,2011
add me to email please! saw you incoastal living

Cheryl F wrote on October 15,2011
See that beautiful vivid turquoise bracelet marked "sold"? IT'S MINE! It has to be seen to be beleived.

Teresa Peralta wrote on October 4,2011
Your jewelry is amazing. I'm disappointed that you have three pages of bulk sea glass "for sale" but all of it is "SOLD". If you don't have anyt to sell, maybe take those pages offline?

kathy odendahl wrote on October 4,2011
Love your site, have been looking for seaglass jewlery in 14k. But all your 14k gold pendants are sold. Will you be making more? tried several times to sign up just to email you, hard to understand steps. thanks

Mary Ann wrote on September 22,2011
The earrings you custom made for me are simply gorgeous! They were actually a birthday gift for my daughter and she loved them! You jewelry is beautiful and I will be back to buy more! Thank you again!

Sandra F Rheem wrote on August 29,2011
Just received the turtle green sea glass pendant I ordered for my best friend for Christmas. I am pairing it with a copy of Anita Shreve's novel, "Sea Glass," and think it will make a beautiful gift. The piece of sea glass itself is lovely, and the setting impressed even my non-jewelry oriented husband. Thank you so very much for helping me to make "Barb's" Christmas gift so very nice!

Nancy Ann Gazo wrote on August 24,2011
Love my pendant!! Can't wait for the earrings to arrive. I should have ordered them together! Thank you so much for your quick and excellent service. Am keeping your site bookmarked for further browsing, and to show to friends...

- ng


Karen wrote on August 24,2011
Just happened upon your site. My first recollection of beautiful sea glass was on the little island of Rota at Taga Beach in the Marianas Islands and I have loved it ever since!

Karen Ravetta wrote on August 22,2011
I just found your site and love everything. I love the seaglass and I will be dropping hints to my daughters as my birthday is coming!

Karen wrote on August 14,2011
I am so thrilled to have found your site.


Shannon Russell wrote on August 9,2011
Love your work. Very beautiful. I love the red heart!

Bonnie wrote on August 6,2011
The craftmanship on Danielle's work is outstanding, the quality is impeccable and the design and artistry is absolutely beautiful. I cherish this piece and love wearing it!

debbie wrote on August 6,2011
Hi Danielle I love my pink seaglass marble necklace you made for me, it is beautiful your work is stunning!

Nell wrote on August 4,2011
WOW!! The 'Fire and Water' piece is stunning!!

Elena wrote on July 16,2011
LOVE your work!!

Pat wrote on July 11,2011 about this piece
I received my bracelet today. I am extremely pleased with the quality and design. It is a piece of jewelry that will impress and intrigue!

dee wrote on July 7,2011

i just came across your page and im wondering if you are still active in making custom sea glass jewelry? please email me

Vicki wrote on June 24,2011 about this piece
My ring is absolutely beautiful. Your work is admirable. Thank you.

Saundra friedman wrote on June 7,2011 about this piece
These bags look so interesting. where are these fabrics from. Will they survive getting wet? When will I receive mine. Had to have one---so beautifully done. saundra

Diana Jameson wrote on May 29,2011
My beautiful daughter, Jessica, will get the beautiful seaglass & turquoise earrings for her birthday. Thank you!

Etta wrote on May 23,2011 about this piece
I love my new earrings! I'm a Jersey Shore girl, what better way way than to wear the shore...thanks.

angela pinto wrote on May 8,2011
beautiful, just beautifulsaw ad in May, 2011Coastal Living

Cheryl F wrote on April 23,2011
I just received my cobolt blue necklace and was stunned by how beautiful is was. Pictures often make items look better than reality, but no picture could do justice to this piece. I think I have a new addiction.

Rebecca Walsh wrote on April 19,2011
I received the beautiful "Zen earrings" I ordered yesterday! They're perfect fo me & my friends at work were commenting on how lovely they looked. I referred them to your website. I've now ordered a second pair! Thanks, Becky

mary j wrote on April 17,2011
Danielle, your creations are truly exquisite!To be able to purchase such unique jewelry at such a reasonable cost is "priceless".

Patricia wrote on April 16,2011
I received the two-tone ring and absolutely love it! Substantial ring.

Tara wrote on April 1,2011
I bought the Tall Ship necklace as a gift for a looked great on the website, but in person it is absolutely STUNING!! An amazing piece. Thank you so much Danielle; I will definitely be back for more in the future.

Nell wrote on March 2,2011
The new gray bezel set earrings are to die for!!

Georgia Pace wrote on February 8,2011 about this piece
I just bought myself a Valentine gift... Love this Strawberry seaglass!!!

ACClark wrote on February 2,2011 about this piece
This piece has pavillion written all over it! Love your stuff!!

Deborah Pinkerton wrote on February 1,2011
I can't wait to receive my new bracelet. I'm sure it will be as lovely as the pendant I purchased as a gift to my daughter-in-law on her wedding day.

Lyssa Bozeman wrote on January 28,2011
I have some stones (larimar and blue topaz) that I would like to make into a bracelet. Could you do that?

karen hardy wrote on January 26,2011
love the sea glass jewelry

Mike Muscato wrote on January 18,2011
Carol loves the piece!!! Thank you so much for working with us.

Kathy Larson wrote on January 9,2011
I am the ecstatic recipient of the Salty Seas navy sea glass marble bracelet that is featured on your webpage. My beautiful and loving sister Debbie sent it to me for Christmas. She found the marble on the shore where we used to swim as children, so I will always treasure it. The excellent workmanship really shows off this beautiful "jewel from the sea"

Jennifer Siden wrote on January 5,2011
Please put me on e-mail list - your jewelry is so beautiful. JS

Michelle Correia wrote on January 4,2011
Saw my friend Dianes pieces...I am a fan!

Dan Benson wrote on December 26,2010
What a great Christmas gift your sea glass pendant proved to be. My wife loved it and I do too. It's just beautiful. Thanks Danielle and Happy New Year.

Dan Benson

Kathy Larson wrote on December 25,2010
I am the ecstatic recipient of the Salty Seas navy sea glass marble bracelet that is featured on your webpage. My beautiful and loving sister Debbie sent it to me for Christmas. She found the marble on the shore where we used to swim as children, so I will always treasure it. The excellent workmanship really shows off this beautiful "jewel from the sea".

Debbie Currie wrote on December 16,2010
Just received my beautiful sea glass marble bracelet yesterday, I was stunned when I opened it, it was so amazing, the chain was perfect for it, a nice heavy weight and large lobster claw clasp, I absolutely LOVE it! Your jewellery is fabulous.

Marcella wrote on December 11,2010
Would love to see more of your rings. They are stunningly beautiful. I am currently looking for a wedding ring and I ran into your site. I look forward to hearing back from you. : )

Stephen Petrozza wrote on December 7,2010
If you like sea glass and like fine jewlery Danielle has it all

Help keep our oceans & beaches clean

Karen Schroeder wrote on December 7,2010
Danielle, The two custom necklaces arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and perfect. Thank you for helping us take a wonderful memory from out trip to the Bahamas and turn it into a piece of art for our son's god mother. I will be adding to my own collection! Thank you again, Karen

John Frye wrote on December 3,2010

The little buoy blue marble necklace arrived yesterday. Thank you for your attention to detail in working with me to find the right piece of seaglass for my wife and for upgrading the chain. My wife will love this gift! Thanks again, Jack

Jean Melroy wrote on November 29,2010
Danielle, I have been going to the Cape for 45 years every summer,and when I got my beautiful necklace I could see,feel all the emotions my trips had and still do bring me and my family..I will add more to my collection...Thank you, Jean

Merry Heiner wrote on November 27,2010
Hi Danielle,

My drop dead gorgeous sea glass necklace arrived yesterday. It is stunning to the max! The ocean blue color is breathtaking. And the silver wire wrapping around the piece is pure artistry. I will most definitely be searching your site regularly for more treasures! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the rest of the world.

Chanda wrote on November 24,2010 about this piece
What a beauty! So delicate. Can another of these be purchased? Thank you.

Linda Collins wrote on November 16,2010
Hi Danielle,

I received the two necklaces I ordered today. WOW!!!!!!

These are the most beautiful pieces of seaglass jewelry I have ever seen. The pictures on the site can't even do them justice.

You have a customer for life. I had bought one of the necklaces for my sister and one for me. Now I have a dilemma, which one to keep and which one to give as a gift!

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.


kate wrote on November 4,2010
I really, really want to come to the luncheon at the seaglass restaurant in Salisbury on the 14th. It's right down the street from me! Do I have to sign up somewhere? Is it too late? I met you in Hyannis, Daniel! I own a piece of your jewely now, and I would love to see you again!

Cheryl wrote on November 2,2010 about this piece
Lovely pendant, an amazing piece of artwork--it's perfect for any beach girl!! Thank you so much.

Gayle Putnal wrote on October 30,2010
I loved looking at your website. Beach glass is scarce on the gulf....and if I EVER find a blue piece, you are making me something beautiful. You are truly talented. gp

melissa wrote on October 27,2010
truly very beautiful jewelry. How lucky to love what you do.\ it shows in your work.

Kristene wrote on October 16,2010
I am blown away by the beauty and quality of your work. As a fellow sea glass jeweler, (far from your skill level!) I see the difficulty and passion in each piece of your amazing works of art.

Judith A. Dennes (Juanda) wrote on September 28,2010
My cousin has one of your marble necklaces, I fell in love the moment I saw it, now I just have to have one. Our 20th anniversary is in Oct, I keep dropping the hint.

Mary Ann T. wrote on September 21,2010
I purchased a toggle necklace for my Daughter for her birthday. The minute she put it on I couldn't stop staring at it. The necklace is absolutely beautiful and so unique. She loves sea glass and I am so pleased I found your website. I will definitely be back again. Thank you!

Elizabeth Allen wrote on August 29,2010
My bracelet arrived yesterday and i just love it. It fits perfect. Im sure i will be sending people to your web site.

Tracy B. wrote on August 24,2010 about this piece
My necklace just arrived and I absolutely love it! Your attention to detail is exquisite. Thank you!

Marcie Ryan wrote on August 17,2010
Hi Danielle, my purchase arrived yesterday. I had ordered one necklace to give as a gift, and 1 for myself. Both necklaces are absolutely stunning. The settings compliment the sea glass beautifuliiy. I'm sure my friend will love her necklace as much as I love mine. Thank you!

Karen Palazzo wrote on August 2,2010 about this piece
Danielle, some friends and I will be at the Sea Glass Convention in Hyannis in Oct., will you be bringing a lot of your designs there? Love the aqua and pink sea glass in the silver and your add on charms. Your work is really beautiful. Can I find sea glass on the west coast of Florida? (where I live) Looking forward to seeing you in MA.

Rebecca wrote on July 31,2010
Danielle, the lavendar seaglass earrings arrived. They are gorgeous! I will be recommending your lovely designs to my friends. Thanks for making my day. My husband likes them, too.

Judy Dryden Gossip wrote on July 20,2010
OMG! I'm in Heaven. Cant wait to order some of these beautiful pieces.

Mary Douglas wrote on July 20,2010
Danielle created custom pieces for my beach wedding in Cancun that are so incredibly beautiful. My cobalt necklace and bracelet "popped" in all of the pictures and people couldn't stop complimenting them. She also made white glass necklaces for each of my girls - and they loved them! In fact, it was hard for them to not wear them before the wedding. They made perfect bridesmaids' gifts! She just completed two more necklaces, one for each of our mothers. I can't wait to give them to them at our big party coming up. Thank you Danielle! Your jewelry was such a special part of our big day!

Lori Werstler wrote on July 18,2010
Beautiful items!!! Extremely interested in a ring - do you do custom work or could you forward me photos of anything currently available (size 6) Thanks!!!

M.J. McAvoy wrote on July 8,2010
Hi Danielle,

The pale blue pendant arrived today. It is spectacular with the sterling waves you have created as a setting. Thank you so much, I will be back again!

Ray from NJ wrote on July 6,2010
The jewlery is as beautiful as it appears on the web site. The customer service offered is as top shelf as the jewlery. Thanks to Danielle who helped us get the piece and necklace size that worked, which required her to send us multiple packages. We are very happy customers, who will return. I would recommend both the jewlery and the customer service highly.

Tom Balchunas wrote on June 27,2010
Keep us updated on latest additions to your collections.

Debbie Sarbanis wrote on June 26,2010
Your jewelry is fabulous. I love it.

Nell wrote on June 23,2010
Just received my Vicks shard pendant - what a WOW piece!! Can't wait to show it off to everyone. Thanks Danielle!

Patrice wrote on June 20,2010 about this piece
This piece of jewelery is probably the most beautiful piece of jewelry I now own. Amazing detail in the work. Absolutely gorgeous.

Debara Hafemann wrote on June 15,2010
Hope you are doing well...


Dee Langley wrote on June 7,2010 about this piece
This gift is going to get so many ooh's and ah's, it is just beautiful. I will pass the word along about this website!

Carole Fortin wrote on June 3,2010
I came across this site by chance and it truly is a feast for eyes. You make truly gorgeous jewellery, the nicest I have ever seen in beach glass. Thank you for the site.

Patrick wrote on June 2,2010 about this piece
My wife just recieved her mini red marble toggle necklace item # 23089 and loved it. Danielle made a beutiful silver 18 inch toggle necklace at my request to hang the marble from. this is my wifes third piece of Danielle's work and she will be recieving more. Each peice is its own piece of art and recieves many compliments when worn.

Jamie wrote on May 26,2010
What amazing pieces!!! Your work is beautiful. Keep up the great work.

Maureen L wrote on May 18,2010
Danielle was a delight to communicate with and place a custom order for a special birthday surprise for my friend who is impossible to buy for but has a vast collection of beach glass she has collected on walks over the last 15 years. The bracelet was stunning; the order was completed much quicker than I expected. The fit was perfect and Danielle understood exactly what I wanted and made it happen. It will be a great reminder of my friend's walks on the beach for many years to come and will surely be admired by everyone for it's uniqueness! Great work and a pleasure to talk with.

jenny goodlett wrote on May 15,2010
Bought my first piece of sea glass in Savannah, GA been looking every since for pieces to buy, love yours, just disapointed that majority is marked sold. Love to have displays for items to be bought. Great work

Deb wrote on May 11,2010
Incredibly fast, ordered on Sunday and got by Tuesday!!! Just in time for a special birthday surprise. Gorgeous piece, great work, will buy again!

Denise wrote on May 9,2010
Your jewelry is beautiful.

Sam Caldemeyer wrote on May 8,2010 about this piece
Thank you Danielle for making such beautiful jewelry, my wife loved the piece I got from you! Great transaction, fast and efficient. An A+ seller!!

Sue Bauann wrote on April 24,2010
Just flipping through .Love all your new things.

Diane Hankin wrote on April 15,2010
Thank you, Danielle!!! I just love the sea glass charm, as well as the sterling sea horse. I plan to wear them together on a cord around my neck, along with the sea glass piece I purchased from you several years ago. They will remind me of the ocean I miss so much!

Donna wrote on April 14,2010
My grandson found your site by accident-which I am thrilled to have. Your jewerly is wonderful and the story of your collecting as a child with your grandmother Mimi makes it very special to me as I am a Mimi also. A name my grandson picked for me when He was very little and just learning to talk. Thank you for your site and I look forward to owning a piece of your Mimi collection one day soon. Donna

Michelle Lewis wrote on March 28,2010
What beautiful & unique work you do~ can't wait until I can purchase my first piece.

Jane Lee wrote on March 25,2010
I have one piece and hope to buy more in the near future. Keep up the beautiful work!

Georgia Pace wrote on March 23,2010 about this piece
Danielle, I love it even more in person!!!! It is sooo beautiful... Now I have to decide if I want one more for the summer...smiling.. which one to pick... so much fun..... Warm regards,


barbara lowe wrote on March 12,2010 about this piece
all i got to say is wow, the prettist ive seen yet. wow wow wow

Cheryl Allen wrote on March 2,2010
Just want you to know you have the most gorgeous jewelry on the web!!

Eric wrote on February 15,2010
Wow, you jewelry is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the awesome work. Do you do any glass etchings mixed with this? I think that would look really cool.

kim wrote on February 14,2010 about this piece
Hi! I saw your comment on my Sea Treasures Blog and came to look at your Beautiful Work. Absolutely Amazing! I found a large chunk of Sea Glass and was wondering if you would know anything about it. I posted 2 pictures, I'd love for you to take a peek if you had a minute. Thank You, have a Super Day.




Karen wrote on February 12,2010 about this piece
I got the charm today and it is just beautiful. I love your designs. I will be back with some of my gems for a custom order.

Christine D. Wolf wrote on January 31,2010 about this piece
Dear Danielle, I absolutely love the bracelet! Your silver work accents an already beautiful piece of sea glass. It is gorgeous and I am so pleased to have such a unique piece of jewelry. I so appreciate your artistry with sea glass! Thank you, Chris

Ellen Bjork wrote on January 21,2010 about this piece
Danielle, I rec'd my black sea glass bracelet and I love it!! It's beautiful and I especially like the intricate wiring around the sea glass and the bracelet itself. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will be looking forward to purchasing more pieces in the future. Thank you, ellen

Jeri wrote on January 19,2010 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I loved my Jadeite sea glass necklace!

Carole Solano wrote on January 17,2010
Dear Danielle, I came across one of your ads in Coastal Living and fell in love with the bracelet you have featured. Naturally everything I love is already SOLD, so I'm wondering if you have any new pieces (bracelets or necklaces) in the aqua or green colors? I have two 60th birthdays in February and I wud love to be able to present one of your unique pieces to my sister-in-law and a great friend of mine. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Carole

Mary Campana Murphy wrote on January 17,2010
Hey Danielle!

I'm back teaching at HHS and your adorable nephew Nick was in to visit over semester break. During our brief conversation he told me about your jewelry. And he was right, it's GORGEOUS!!! I'd love to talk to you about your jewelry,(I'm a Salisbury Beach sea glass collector!) and what would you think about visiting the HHS jewelry classes? There are some extraordinarily talented kids in those classes and they're passionate about their Art. Let me know.


Sherry Nirschl wrote on January 6,2010 about this piece

I received my gorgeous sea glass medallion today. It is so different than anything else I have ever seen... and you know I have quite a few pieces from you! I also, love the wire wrapping...slightly different style. This one is definitely in a class all it's own!

I can't wait to see more of your creations for 2010!



Kathy wrote on January 6,2010
We love your work! We love the Beach Bum collection!!

We think your designs are just what we are looking for!


New Art Review Publishing

John Kopchik wrote on January 4,2010
Danielle, I just found your site and I must say you have some Great artistic talent,keep up the beautiful work. I now know what I will be getting my wife for her birthday.

Julie Berthiaume wrote on December 30,2009
Danielle: My mother-in-law loves the pendant we got her for Christmas. She didn't take it off for two days!Thank you so much!

Sally Pondel wrote on December 15,2009
I received the charm bracelet that I ordered from Danielle yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful.

I live in northwestern PA near Lake Erie and I attend a LOT of craft shows in the tri-state area. There are dozens of crafters at these shows with sea glass jewelry and I have to say that none can compare to the work that this lady does.

Her style is so unique compared to anything I find in this area. They are stunning pieces of jewelry.

Thank you Danielle, I know my daughter is going to LOVE this Christmas present!

Bryant Trocola wrote on December 11,2009 about this piece
Danielle created a custom necklace from a piece of my own sea glass. It turned out fabulous and she was so easy to work with. It will be a great XMas present for my wife

John Ziegler wrote on December 10,2009 about this piece
I just got my order,great service it came in 2 days all the way to Oklahoma.It's going to be a great Christmas gift

jennifer wrote on December 10,2009 about this piece
just got my new necklace and i absolutely love it. it is a peewee size piece of seaglass and it is perfect for everyday.

Ann Hulst wrote on December 5,2009 about this piece
Beautiful things, but why are all the bracelets "sold"?.............

susan herbert wrote on December 3,2009 about this piece
My son and his wife love the cufflinks and earrings. They are avid collectors of sea glass and really appreciate your creative art work! Thank you! Susan

jennifer wrote on December 2,2009
another absolutely beautiful piece from danielle. love her work.

Jill Brewer wrote on November 25,2009 about this piece
I have always loved the beach. As a child I would look out over the sea and wonder what happened on the different ships and boats that once sailed the ocean. So when I first heard about sea glass on the travel channel I thought what a wonderful piece of history that is worn in jewelry and is so beautifully made. I have bought three pieces at the present time and love them all. I plan to buy more in the future. Danielle is a very talented artisan and I have enjoyed being one of her customers.

Kathleen Richard wrote on November 16,2009
Hi Danielle, Just checkin on how you did with your trade show. Let me know.I'm sure it went well. Kathleen Richard vintage bath complete.

Cheryl wrote on November 10,2009
I found this lovely lady on the internet and spoke with her one the phone, she is a warm friendly lady. I sent her two pieces of sea glass and she made me two beautiful silver charms. I love the finished product. Love her warm and personable touch. We be back again.

jennifer wrote on November 8,2009 about this piece
love love love my new toggle. danielle is fantastic and her work is fabulous. can't wait to get my next piece. :)

Joanne Holt wrote on November 6,2009
I ordered a matching necklace and bracelet for my mother - matching earings to follow! I WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE FROM DANIELLE - GORGEOUS WORK. Would love to attend any open houses.......

Sherrie Bassignani wrote on November 3,2009
Love your products!.......

Jill Brewer wrote on October 31,2009
This jewelry is the finest you will find on the internet. Danielle has a great talent for an old souvenier for the lovers of the beach and shore. Will definitely buy more and more.

Diyana Frey wrote on October 29,2009
I love your work... very creative... Yes, too bad we will so far apart, but if you ever come to Manzanillo, Mexico, please contact me at this email address... I would love to show you how much sea glass I have collected and some heart shape pieces............

James Ward wrote on October 25,2009
Your name is the same as my daughter's. Danielle Renee Ward-Hynes. How unique.

Kerry wrote on October 2,2009 about this piece
I am so impressed with the quality of my pendant. Thank you so much for getting it to me on time.My girlfriend and I found a piece of sea glass on the beach and you transformed it into a beautiful rememberence. My girlfriend loved it! I will definitely be back. Thank you so much.

Helen O wrote on October 1,2009 about this piece
Danielle, Your work is just exquisite and the seaglass so beautiful, these bracelets are sure to become family treasures. I could not be more pleased! Thank you for your assistance with sizing and the quick return as well. I am sure I will be buying more from you in the future. with my very best wishes! Helen O'Keefe, Ocean Springs, MS

Sue Nichols wrote on August 23,2009
Danielle, I wante to tell you how much I am enjoying the necklace that Bill purchased for my birthday. I did pick it out, but was so excited to have another piece of your jewlery. Our visit with you in May was so great. We felt as if we had known you forever. Again thanks for the beautiful work you do. Every time I wear one of my necklaces I get great comments. Fact is, my chiropractors wife was really impressed and wanted to know if you sold loose seaglass. I gave her your website, so I hope she will contact you. Her name is Gay Johnson. Again thanks so much, Sue Nichols

Sharon Fulton wrote on August 18,2009
I just came across your site and am more anxious than ever to go to the festival in Erie, PA! Very informative and helpful!

Sharon Watson wrote on August 16,2009
I purchased the seaglass necklace made from the Vicks Vapor Rub jar. Every time I wear this beautiful work of art everyone falls in love with it. It brings back childhood memories for me. Thank you for your gift of collecting and jewelry making.

terri sprague wrote on August 12,2009 about this piece
if larry does not buy this please put it on hold for me!

Judy Labesky wrote on August 12,2009 about this piece
Hi Danielle, I just purchased a beautiful necklace, #8584, as a birthday gift for my sister. I was wondering if I could have a pair of earings made to match. They can be smaller, of course. Her birthday is in November. As always, your things are truly beautiful. Many thanks, Judy

Sally wrote on July 31,2009
I have joined the SeaGlassLovers Group. I would love to have an html code to link to your page to put on my blog. Sally

Julie Rivera-Saltzberg wrote on July 19,2009
Hello, hope this message finds you well. I just visited your site and loved your pieces. They are beautiful! I have never seen this type of work and I'm always amazed by the talent that people possess. You have a wonderful gift! xJulie

arlie dosek-castonguay wrote on July 9,2009
I am just in-love with the beautiful and exquisite pieces I found here on your web page! I am so excited about the bracelet I ordered and the charm you are designing for me!

Dave Slyter wrote on July 1,2009 about this piece
Thank You for a beautiful piece of jewelry! My wife loves it. Also what a pleasant transaction

Elizabeth Sawyer wrote on June 29,2009
Your artwork is beautiful. I have gotten several nice comments on my necklace and earrings. It is so hard to choose which to buy.

Mary Beth wrote on June 25,2009
What a gift you have become to those of us who treasure the simple treasures of the sea. Your designs enhance the glass and marry the silver with the glass in a stunning union. You are appreciated.

Jeanne Moritz wrote on June 25,2009
Have 2 pieces of cobalt blue seaglass and 3 pieces of brown(perhaps old beer bottle) found on Jensen Beach, Florida

Carin O wrote on June 24,2009 about this piece
I just received my bracelet. When I opened the box, the women at work gathered around and ooohed and ahhhhed over how beautiful it is. It just shines with the silver and the color of the seaglass lights up.

Carol Schneider wrote on June 12,2009 about this piece
Danielle, you have sea glass in the most vibrant colors I have ever seen. The red necklace lights up the room! Thank you for all the amazing pieces I've been lucky enough to acquire.

Nancy wrote on June 8,2009 about this piece
Beautiful Aqua Blue Sea Glass bracelet. Amazing work of art!I just love it. Nancy

Steve Keener wrote on June 5,2009
On a quick visual inspection the bracelet looks great. I will be giving it to my wife for a birthday gift in 3 weeks. Thanks

Diana M. Souza-Castro wrote on June 1,2009
Hi Danielle!

Your work is amazing! I'm sure glad to have found you. Seeing that I enjoy purchasing well-made pieces made by fellow-artisans, I'll definitely be back. The quality of your work is outstanding, and definitely stands alone!

Regards, Diana

Sue L wrote on May 26,2009
Danielle: Once again I received a Cobalt Blue Enhancer that I simply love - the wrapping in silver is exquisite and the glass is of the highest quality also - your designs are beautiful and of the highest designs - love all the pieces that I have purchased from you and treasure and cherish all! Continue to design and we will be back for more - all are one of a kind pieces and gorgeous!

Judy wrote on May 20,2009 about this piece
A beautiful gift for my daughter who loves to beachcomb with me.

Shellye wrote on May 18,2009
Morning Danielle,

Received my two new charms. Luv them !! My bracelet is almost complete, except for a

couple of spots. (smile)


Shellye H.

Alice wrote on May 15,2009
Hi Danielle,

Just to tell you that I think your jewellery is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I love the wrapping, without ruining the simplicity & elegance of your pieces. I have just returned from the Bahamas, and I have 35-40 lbs of it! I am very excited to learning more about seaglass. Thank you for your excellent website!!!


Nell wrote on May 15,2009

Today I received my latest custom pieces you made from the glass I sent you and I am still trying to catch my breath!!! WOW! Thank you ever so much for working your magic and for making my day .


Michele R Alegria wrote on May 14,2009
First time buyer...wonderful work!

Lynne Marie Wallace wrote on May 10,2009
Hi Danielle... Thank-you again for Friday's outing in 'Glosta'! It was wonderful. Just perused your site,very professional and impressive! You are one talented woman.

Hoping for Casco Bay with the group in late May. Blessings, Lynne

Jon & Cindy Stolson wrote on May 8,2009 about this piece

Jon & I are so pleased with our beautiful blue sea glass charm bracelet! This our third purchase in less than 2 months! I received two beautiful bracelets for I purchased and the other my husband bought me. This bracelet is for his niece and is for her high school graduation. We are sure she will be thrilled with it. It is a lovely bracelet for a lovely young lady. Thank you for such pretty jewelry!

Gail Bramble wrote on May 6,2009
Danielle...This entry so long overdue...after receiving a beautiful, tasteful detailed necklace I knew my daughter would love for this past Christmas holiday...I anxiously await another masterpiece for her 26th Birthday this on an island of water and her scuba experience she truly appreciates the beauty and detail in your pieces...I know that she will love this one too! Thank You for your responsive and amazing customer service!

Sonia wrote on May 3,2009
Great stuff. Sea glass is so amazing....

Bill and Sue Nichols wrote on May 1,2009 about this piece
This is a long overdue note to tell you how much I love my necklace that Bill gave me for our 50th anniversary. What a beautiful necklace and I'm so proud to wear it. His Mom will be 98 this month and she does not communicate much with us, but on one of our recent visits, she told me "your necklace is beautiful". I took it off and let her see it up close and Bill explained what it was and she seemed to understand. We are always so thankful when there is any interaction or response to anything, and to think your necklace prompted a comment. Thank you so much. We are going to be in Reading, MA May 27 through June 2, and are wondering if you have a studio we could visit while in the area? We would love to meet you if at all possible. Anyway thanks again for being a part of our very special celebration. After 50 years, I've decided I will keep him! Sincerely, Bill and Sue Nichols P. S. the necklace is Ref. No 5544

Gaynor Flynn wrote on April 27,2009 about this piece
The necklace I decided on is a 13th birthday present for our daughter. She loved it!! Thank you so much.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on April 26,2009 about this piece
Having purchased many pieces of sea glass jewelry from Danielle, I can honestly say she has the most beautiful One- of- a- kind creations! This red necklace will be another treasured addition to my collection. Also, it is truly a pleasure to purchase from someone who understands the meaning of customer satisfaction.


Sherry N.

Shellye wrote on April 25,2009
Hi Danielle,

Received my latest charms and am of course delighted ! I enjoy explaining the meaning

each charm has for me.

Have a charming day !

Shellye H.

Nell wrote on April 19,2009 about this piece

I love the wire wrap you did with this piece. Beautiful!


Bill wrote on April 15,2009 about this piece
This is beautiful

Sue Linnenbaugh wrote on April 14,2009 about this piece
Danielle: Wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful bracelet - it is exactly the way that I wanted it to be and you are the tops in making sure that your customers ARE satisfied and happy with their purchase! Love it and once again I will be back for more.

Cindy Stolson wrote on April 10,2009 about this piece

I just received my beautiful marble bracelet with the crab charm. I love it... it can be worn as casual or for dress as well. I also like the fact that if I decide to in the future I can add charms. I really love it just as it is, but knowing I have options is an added feature to the lovely piece of jewelry. It is MY first purchase, but I was able to pick out another piece for my husband to buy for our 15th anniversary that is coming up. It is superb! A bangle bracelet with a marble wrapped with your beautiful design. We are both so pleased with the jewelry! Thank you!

Cindy and Jon Stolson

Jim Andre wrote on April 5,2009 about this piece
Hi Danielle, Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the beautiful bracelet you made for Sue's birthday. She gets comments on it everyday. What a terrific unique piece. Thanks again!


Cindy Stolson wrote on April 4,2009 about this piece
I saw item #11869-a marble bracelet. Beautiful-can the mermaid charm be changed to a crab? I am interested in purchasing the item if that is possible. Thank you!


sherry nirschl wrote on April 3,2009 about this piece
What an exquisite toggle necklace! The sea glass is so rare and unique looking. I can't stop admiring it. It looks beautiful with your trademark wrapping.

Thanks, so much Danielle.

Judith wrote on March 31,2009
Danielle, I received the bracelet for myself, and the two necklaces that I bought for my friends who are standing up for me at my wedding in August. Your work is beautiful, thank you! My girls will be wearing the necklaces with marine blue dresses, we're getting married on a boat, and love the ocean! The seaglass is the finishing perfect touch!

Juia wrote on March 30,2009
Wow. Love your work, Danielle.. Exceptional!!

Terri Sprague wrote on March 29,2009 about this piece
Just received my aqua bangle bracelet in gold and it is just beautiful.Can't wait to order a red peice and a black peice! Thank you, Teri from Beach Haven

Diane Buccheri wrote on March 29,2009
Danielle, can you please send me your mailing address? I would like to mail your complimentary copies of OCEAN Magazine featuring your Sea Glass Jewelry!

sharon hornyak wrote on March 24,2009
i have collected sea glass from the nj area for years.i would love to know where your studio/store is located...if you have one.and would you be interested in some glass that i have.

Shellye H. wrote on March 20,2009

Of course, I'm delighted! I have a beautiful addition to

my spring/summer wardrobe. Today is the 1st day of spring

and I'll get to display my newest treasure. (smile)

Keep up your creative work !

Shellye H.


spring/summer wardrobe.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on March 17,2009 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

The cornflower sea glass bracelet arrived today. It looks just as you described. It's a beauty!

Thanks again,


Wanda wrote on March 14,2009 about this piece
I have just purchased another beautiful bracelet, item 13721. Yes, the one on the home page. I'm very honored. You can't imagine what it looks like in person. Not only does Danielle make beautiful pieces, but whe is extremely accomodating as well. She worked very hard on my first bracelt to get to fit just the way I wanted. She insisted I return it to her. She really wants customers to be happy with their purchases. Believe me, it could not have been easy. I have a 5 1/2" wrist. She was more that happy to make sure I was pleased with my purchase. I most certainly was. Can't wait to purchase some more. Buy, you won't be disappointed.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on March 4,2009 about this piece

I 'm wearing my pretty pink sea glass bracelet right now. It looks beautiful set in the sterling silver with the pink Swarovski crystal. What a wonderful addition to add to my growing collection. You know I'll be back for more!!!



Jim Andre wrote on February 28,2009
Hi Danielle,

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the pieces we recieved in the mail today. Wow!

The timing is perfect too. Wanda and Lisa are coming over tonight for lobster. Sue and I are going to surprise them with your pendants. We can't wait to see the looks on their faces. I called Austin in florida to tell her about your gift. They are perfect! Thank you so much for such wonderful work.

Can't wait to see what you can do for Sue's birthday!

Thanks again Danielle!!!


Wanda Lougee wrote on February 25,2009 about this piece
I just received my bracelet today. It is exactly as it appears on the web site even better. I love, love it.

Nell wrote on February 24,2009 about this piece

This piece is even more beautiful in person! Thanks again for your time and talent.


Nell wrote on February 24,2009 about this piece

My 92 year old mother fell in love with this piece of glass when I acquired it for my collection. Today she received your gorgeous creation and has yet to take it from around her neck!! Thank you for making it even more special to both of us.


susanne schultz wrote on February 24,2009
I love the ocean and now live 6 miles from sanibel, fl. as a child I colllected cape may diamonds they were so colorful. I love shell, beach, sand and all that goes with nautre.

Brenda Heisler wrote on February 21,2009
Lovely. Everything is perfect. You are very talented.

ashley wrote on February 18,2009
I am planning to go to the local beaches around Boston with my family and hunt for sea glass as a hobbey for the whole family. The jewelry is remarkablely beautiful.

wanda lougee wrote on February 17,2009
Your pieces are absolutely one of kind pieces. they are so beautiful. It's funny that evey bracelet I picked was sold. A lot of people obviosly share my thoughts

I will continue to check back for more bracelets. I love the fact that you make them in 6 1/2" I can never ever find bracelets in that size unless the whole piece is completey altered. thank you again

Eric wrote on February 16,2009 about this piece
Thanks so much Danielle! My wife absolutely loved the necklace, and best of all it made it in time for Valentine's day. You kept me out of the dog house as promised!

Jake wrote on February 13,2009
Your jewelry is truly beautiful. It really captures the oceans intensity and the gold wrapping around the glass is something I have never seen before now. Great work Danielle.

Shellye Hutchinson wrote on February 7,2009
Hello Danielle,

The necklace arrived a few

days ago. Just beautiful ! My

friend's birthday isn't until

April, but I just couldn't wait to send it to her. So, off it went into the mail today. I'm sure you'll have a

new fan, (smile).

warmest regards,


Sherry Nirschl wrote on January 29,2009 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I received my red sea glass bracelet today.It is so beautiful! I can't stop looking at it! The color is bright and the shape does look like a heart. Your beautiful gold wrapping makes it look so regal. What a treasure.



Sue Linnenbaugh wrote on January 27,2009
Danielle: Received the blue cobalt ring that you created for me and it is beyond words - beautiful and simply the best! Will be back for a matching bracelet soon! Thanks again and thanks for the quick response time on the custom order! You rock!

Alexandra Benson wrote on January 27,2009
Hi Danielle, I found your link through my Dad's website (steve) and your jewelry is exquisite!

Kind Regards,


Marie wrote on January 26,2009 about this piece
This is still one of my favorite pieces. I love it! Thank you Danielle!

Nell Reynolds wrote on January 21,2009 about this piece

This small dark purple pendant is a real jewel - perfect in every way. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sea glass with all of us.


Nell Reynolds wrote on January 21,2009 about this piece

Only you with your artistic eye and your capable hands could create the perfect setting for my multi colored marble. It is exquisite! Thank you so very much for working with it.


Sherry Nirschl wrote on January 11,2009 about this piece

I love my precious peewee red marble necklace!. The gold wrapping compliments it beautifully. It truly is a special gem!

Sherry N.

Jim Andre wrote on January 7,2009 about this piece
Danielle, I can't begin to thank you enough for the beautiful pieces you made for us. They are truly stunning. It's rare that a piece of seaglass can look more beautiful than you find it on the beach,but these pieces really are more beautiful than they were when you got them. Thank you so much for such beautiful work!


Shellye Hutchinson wrote on January 6,2009 about this piece

My bracelet arrived a few

days ago. Love it! A lovely way to start the new year.

Take care, & Happy New Year!


mig lemire wrote on January 3,2009

What an impressive site!! Your designs are always supurb!! Hope the new year brings you all good things from your hard works!!


Dan Capurso wrote on December 27,2008 about this piece
Beautiful jewelry and great website.My wife loves sea glass and really liked this piece.

Thanks Danielle,


Lisa Payne wrote on December 20,2008 about this piece

I just received the bracelet that I ordered as a present for my 16 year old and it is beautiful. I spent many hours scouring the net for the "perfect" bracelet and am so glad I found your site. Your workmanship is beautiful and the sea glass is just as lovely as I had hoped it would be. Thank you so much! You are definately in my favorites!!

Happiest of Holidays to you,



Sherry Nirschl wrote on December 20,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I received my 3 piece sea glass bracelet today. The colors are just beautiful! My husband and I were just commenting how the aqua, sea foam and gray mimic the ocean! What a wonderful piece to add to my collection!

Thanks again,


Misty Expressions Photography wrote on December 17,2008
You have a beautiful site and your work is exceptional! Keep up the great work!

Nancy Hengstler wrote on December 11,2008 about this piece
Received the necklace I ordered today and I love it. I'm already checking the website for more pieces.

Cheryle Francis wrote on December 9,2008 about this piece
Wow!! I just picked up my red and white 3 piece bracelet at the Post office. It is incredible. The thing I love about your pieces is that they are not just sea glass jewelry they are works of art. Could not be more thrilled. The color and design are outstanding. As always I check your website every day.

Corey Riordan wrote on December 8,2008 about this piece
We received the two pieces of jewelry in the mail today and were very happy with them. They are very nice pieces and will make wonderful christmas gifts! We will order again from you!

John wrote on December 8,2008 about this piece
I would like to match my purchase with earrings or a bracelet. Thank you. John

Leonard Seymour wrote on December 6,2008 about this piece
My Wife could not have been more pleased with the bracelet you created with talent and obvious love for your craft. Your professional manner was very much appreciated by me.

We shall be back.


Marylee Sanders wrote on December 5,2008 about this piece
Beautiful designs and excellent service. Made shopping easy. mls

David M wrote on December 1,2008 about this piece
Just bought two items for my wife for Christmas (she loves sea glass). They are beautiful, and the shipping was remarkably fast!

debbie hake wrote on November 28,2008
have always collected beach glass having grown up in ocean city maryland. your site warms my heart here in cold northeast ohio. so how can you tell the difference between real glass and glass that was just tumbled? your work is beautiful.

Lisa Poole wrote on November 21,2008 about this piece
The sea glass marble bracelet I purchased for my sister is exquisite! I am amazed at how you have captured the essence of sea glass in your art! Thank you Danielle!

Sherry Nirschl wrote on November 15,2008 about this piece
This sea glass bracelet is so unique! The bold, rich color of black is just gorgeous with this SS chain. I love all the little details... Thanks again Danielle!

Sue Linnenbaugh wrote on November 13,2008 about this piece
Danielle: Just received the custom piece that you did for me and the pendant is beautiful - also wanted to thank you for having an enhancer on this piece as that attention to detail is what makes you the exceptional designer that you are! This is my first piece from you and I am sure that it will NOT be my last! Thanks again!

Mary D wrote on November 11,2008 about this piece
What beautiful jewellery you have made. I am just starting to make jwellery, I think you have wonderful style. It is a pleasure to look at.

John Henricksen wrote on November 4,2008 about this piece
My Girlfriend and I are collectors of sea glass. When I found your site, I had to buy her a necklace.The piece was so beautiful, she wears it all the time and gets nothing but compliments about how exquisite it is. Thank you for such a beautiful product.

Marie Moore wrote on October 24,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle! This is a gorgeous bracelet! Any chance I could custom order one that is similar? I still wear your jewelry everyday!

Jeri Jawn wrote on October 22,2008 about this piece
I have now purchased 3 bracelets, 1 pendant & chain, 1 pair of earrings, and am waiting for Danielle to make a special pendant for my Irish mother-in-law...all in less than 1 month. This is my favorite website to give to people who are looking for something different and wonderful for family and friends...and as for QUALITY...Mama Mia she's a the best!!

Jeanne wrote on October 17,2008 about this piece
Your work is absolutely incredible! What talent for

creating beautiful pieces of jewelry! Thank you for all the valuable information about the different colors of

sea glass. So interesting!!

Sue Linnenbaugh wrote on October 13,2008
One suggestion for storing silver is a silver lining material that is put inside of jewelry boxes, cases, etc. Once the pieces are cleaned, and stored with this special silver lining - they will be kept clean for about 25-40 yrs. Have found this to be true since I use a few of them for my silver and gold collections of jewelry~ Just a thought..makes having silver a breeze!

Sue Linnenbaugh wrote on October 13,2008 about this blog entry
Attended the show in Lewes, DE this past Sat and found you covering the booth for someone -your creations are simply beautiful and I cannot wait to place my first order with you - your jewelry is bold and eclectic and I know that a lot of people found this show to be very enlightening and most enjoyable to learn from the vendors and others that were at the show! It was nice to meet your daughter and see that she enjoys these items also. Will check the web page often to purchase creations from you.

Nell Reynolds wrote on October 9,2008 about this piece

I am so very pleased and excited upon receiving my GORGEOUS necklace and earrings today! You are truly an artist in what you create. Thanks so much and enjoy the Sea Glass Festival!

Sherry Nirschl wrote on October 8,2008 about this piece
This bracelet is just stunning! The teal shines beautifully against the crystal Swarovski's.This is a very special piece that I can wear with casual or dressy attire.



Jeri Jasen wrote on October 6,2008 about this piece
Love your work! Can't wait to see the pendant and earrings. You have such an awesome gift and it is wonderful that you share it with so many!

Lisa Ridley wrote on September 30,2008
Your jewels are lovely.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on September 28,2008 about this piece

Thank- you for the unique yellow

marble bracelet! It just makes me want to smile every time I wear it! You always do such beautiful wire wrapping!!


Jeri Jasen wrote on September 24,2008
I would like to purchase a bracelot that has been SOLD. It is the Mermaid Tear Charm Bracelot 2007 White sea glass 14k gold in size 6.5.

Elizabeth Hutsell wrote on September 21,2008
I live on the Island of Okinawa,lots of sea glass! just love your jewelry.

CARMEL VISCITO wrote on September 19,2008

Stephanie wrote on September 9,2008 about this piece
I recieved my pendant and couldn't believe how beautiful it is. The pictures don't do it justice! Wonderful workmanship!

Carolyn Griffin wrote on September 8,2008
Be sure to let me know about new items and specials.

Carolyn wrote on September 7,2008 about this piece
Just received my pendant and it is just as beautiful as the photo shows. I love it!

Lisa Williams wrote on September 3,2008
I have been collecting sea glass since childhood and love how you honor it.

Carolyn wrote on September 2,2008 about this piece
Can you tell me the size of the pendant listed as #1 with the aqua seaglass and seahorse.

Vickie wrote on August 26,2008
Hi.. Beautiful Web Site! Got site out of Martha Stewart Magazine. Do you have a catalog you could send to me. I am a serious catalog shopper and don't have time to surf the Web at all. Thanks so much!

susan chamer wrote on August 19,2008
do you have a catalog thanks

susan a hatch wrote on August 19,2008
I grew up by the ocean and love the sea and anything related to it

Vicki Schroeder wrote on August 19,2008 about this piece
Do all your pieces of sea glass jewelry have a certificate or at least a note stating where the glass was found. Not all of your descriptions in the gallery state where. I am seriously going to buy, but I would like to know where the glass is from. Thanks.

Diane wrote on August 17,2008 about this piece
Danielle, I've looked at other sea glass websites where creativity is, well, minimal. You, on the other hand, are an artist who sees the promise in each individual shard of glass. Your unique passion is evident in every piece you create. My daughter and I are honored to wear your work.

Pam Caudel wrote on August 16,2008 about this piece
Thank you for the lovely necklace. Looking forward to doing alot more shopping and buying on your great web page. Thanks again!

Mari-Lynn wrote on August 15,2008 about this piece
The emerald seaglass earrings are so lovely and unique. It's wonderful doing business with you and I can't wait to start buying things for Christmas presents.

Nancy K. wrote on August 8,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle ~ My two necklaces arrived today. What prompt shipping! They're beautiful. I especially love the one you made for me with the seahorse charm. And thanks so much for shortening the chains. It's a shame to hide such beautiful necklaces behind a shirt. I can't wait to see how my sister likes the Mimi Collection bracelet I ordered for her birthday next month. It's doubly special because her four grandchildren know her as "Mimi." Thanks again for making such lovely, unique pieces. I'm always getting comments on them. ~ Nancy

Mike O wrote on August 4,2008
I would like to be added to your mailing list.

Jacklyn Smith wrote on July 29,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle!

Yay! I got my cornflower necklace today. I love it! The length of it is perfect. It is going to look great for my maui wedding. Thank you so much! ~Jacklyn

Susan Adkins wrote on July 25,2008
I just found your website. The jewelry is beautiful! I love different jewelry and these pieces are great. My friend bought a sea glass ring in St. Kitts but it was not anything close to your designs.

Susan Adkins

Susan Powell wrote on July 15,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I received my beautiful bright blue sea glass necklace yesterday. It looked incredible's even more awesome in person! The detail in your silver design is so unique, and it highlights the glass perfectly. I've always been intrigued by sea glass. It's rare to find a piece on our Florida coastlines. I'm thrilled that I found your ad and your web site. Thanks for sharing this special collection with us. I bet Mimi would be proud to know that this common bond you two once shared has made so many other people happy! Thanks again.


Maria Jaimes wrote on July 11,2008 about this piece
Love my necklace. Just bought another bracelet. Your work is so amazing. thanks again!


Nell Reynolds wrote on July 3,2008 about this piece
My bracelet arrived today and I can't wait to wear it! Your work is amazing and I thank you for your time and your talent.

Carol Schneider wrote on July 3,2008 about this piece
The aqua bracelet and necklace that I recently purchased are both stunning. I know I will be back for more, and so will a few friends who now know about Danielle's jewelry!

Diane Rosenholtz wrote on June 30,2008
Your jewelry is beautiful,I'll just have to make a decision as to which one I would like to own!

Maria Jaimes wrote on June 28,2008 about this piece
I just recieved my bracelet and absolutely loved it. I have never seen anything so unique and beautiful. I will treasure it always.

Thanks so much,


Heidi wrote on June 25,2008 about this piece
I just wanted to sing the praises of Danielle's beautiful and creative jewelry designs! I had a pendant made by her for my best friends birthday and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Now I can't wait to have her do some pieces for me. Many, many thanks to Danielle!!!

Christin Nirschl wrote on June 24,2008 about this piece
My mother surprised me with a beautiful teal necklace you designed. It's so pretty! I'm always admiring her pieces, but now I have one. I'll be back for more.



Beverly Gillum wrote on June 19,2008 about this piece
I received my bracelet yesterday and immediately wore it and received numerous compliments. I've always wanted something beautiful made from sea glass and am so glad I saw your.... Now I need to find a necklace! Thanks so much for doing such beautiful work.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on June 6,2008 about this piece
Well, what can I say that I haven't said already! Danielle, I just received my Limited Edition gold bracelet and the 2 sets of earrings, and they are so gorgeous!! I have yet to see anyone else who combines such quality sea glass with such beautiful Artisan designs like you. Also, you are such a pleasure to talk to.

Thanks for the gift, too!


sharon wrote on June 6,2008
I have some great pieces I have found but two i have that are like angel wings. Matching set. I was wondering about getting them set in to 2 pendants. let me know if that is something you would do.

thanks sharon

Shellye White Hutchinson wrote on June 6,2008 about this piece
Morning Danielle,

I received my incredible necklace yesterday !!! I've already worn it last night

and plan to wear it the next

two evenings. I just love it!

Thank you for your creativity

and thank you for making it

affordable. Take care,

Shellye H.

( Terracotta with Blue Pottery Shard )

Karen Malonis wrote on June 2,2008 about this piece
Hi, Danielle:

This is the kind of necklace I am looking for. I cannot judge its size, but I would want something not too large since I am short. W would also be interested in knowing a price range.



erin wrote on May 21,2008 about this piece
The aqua pendant and earrings are beautiful! I wore them for 2 events and both times i have recieved compliments about how unique and beautiful they are! Thank-you for your creations! Erin

karen midgette wrote on May 19,2008
would like to sell your jewelry in my jewelry store in north carolina.

Brooc wrote on May 16,2008 about this piece
My new sea glass bracelet is truly fabulous!! I love contemporary pieces with style & meaning. You way exceeded my expectations with your jewelry line. Keep up the good work!!

julia wrote on May 10,2008 about this piece
how beautiful omg

hank wrote on May 10,2008
i love these types of jewerly. you make the best!

mia wrote on May 10,2008 about this piece
this is a beautiful item i love it

Lynn Lomax wrote on May 9,2008
Hi. I have been looking around at some seaglass jewelry and yours is the prettiest I have seen yet. Nice designs and I love that your gramma collected the beach glass. We have bottles and bottles of it in our home from when my kids were little. Keep up the nice work.

Marie in Guam wrote on May 4,2008 about this piece
Dearest Danielle,

I can't begin to thank you enough for this lovely gift! It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of that I am proud to add to my ever growing sea glass collection. (all from Danielle, of course) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think of you everytime I put on a piece of your lovely jewelry. Warmly, Marie


Maggie wrote on May 1,2008
I love the three pieces. I have worn them already and received so many compliments. I absolutly love them! I wish I could purchase everything. You have beautiful, artistic pieces, very unique.

Danielle wrote on April 30,2008 about this piece
The quality of workmanship and artisic expression in this bag are just wonderful. The photo is great, but the real thing is Amazing! Thank you!

Sandy wrote on April 30,2008 about this piece
I recieved my KMS bag today and just as you is AWESOME!!! The detail work is just beautiful! Thank you.

Diana wrote on April 28,2008
Your jewelry is beautiful.

erin clayton wrote on April 24,2008 about this piece
please let me know if you would consider replicating a pacific blue pendant/earring set in gold. Thanks erin

Mari-Lynn Herringshaw wrote on April 21,2008 about this piece
The aqua sea glass with the silver seahorse is exquisite! You're such a gifted artisan. Can't wait to buy some more pieces.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on April 21,2008 about this piece
This aqua bracelet in gold is just stunning! Such a gorgeous piece of sea glass highlighted in Danielle's exquisite artisan detailing.

Melanie Altruda wrote on April 18,2008 about this piece

My co-workers continue to compliment me! I absolutely love showing off your designs. You are truly unique and special! I look forward to my next selection. Thank you.


Aimee wrote on April 18,2008 about this piece
I can't believe how beautiful this piece is in person!! A Stunner. Danielle you are truly the ORIGINAL Sea Glass Jewelry Artist... you stand out. All my friends and business associates will be directed straight to you. Thank you for bringing sea glass into a league of it's own with your one of a kind and exceptional talent.

KATHLEEN E. KELLY wrote on April 16,2008
Looking forward to seeing the stock of rings in brightest blue

Christie Hardin wrote on April 14,2008
I love the aqua necklace, bracelet and ring my husband purchased for my birthday! The pieces are beautiful!! I am so very pleased!

Nell Reynolds wrote on April 14,2008 about this piece
Received the cobalt blue necklace today; althought it was ordered for my daughter-in-law's birthday, I oh want to keep it for myself!! Thanks for such a lovely piece; I know she will love it.

Katie Berndt wrote on April 14,2008 about this piece
I love the necklace Danielle made for me. It's made out of seafoam seaglass and it's beautiful. This is the second piece she did for me and she does a wonderful job.

jennifer jones wrote on April 4,2008
iwould like to request any information that you could send me in the mail,if possible, as I do not really have a computer at home.My address is 7113 ivy court, winter park, fl 32792-7226.Again,if you have any printed information on your company i would like to recieve some.Thanks so much

Deb N. wrote on April 4,2008 about this piece
Very Beachy looking is right Danielle! I want the sun and sand! Such a unique shape - gorgeous color. I love it!

Deb N. wrote on April 4,2008 about this piece
Stunning! Just what I was looking for to add to my bright collection. Nice to have this darker piece to remind me of the stormy seas!!

Deb N. wrote on April 4,2008 about this piece
Danielle, Thank you for making a pretty piece into a masterpiece!! I love it!!

Danielle wrote on April 2,2008
Hi Nancy,

Hopefully you will see this message. I need your email address in order to respond to your question. Please email me directly at

Thank you,

Danielle Renee'

Nancy Segale wrote on April 2,2008
Would like to place and order, but do not have a computer at home and prefer not to order over the internet. Could you sent me an order form as there are 2 items that I'm interested in. one is from the beach bum collection and the other is from the mimi collection. Thank you, Nancy Segale

DEBRA wrote on March 31,2008

Sherrie Deal wrote on March 26,2008 about this piece
This is beautiful...this is a red! Not much in this color. How much was this bracelet?

Sherry Nirschl wrote on March 7,2008 about this piece
Dear Danielle,

What a beautiful bracelet you designed for this very special cobalt sea glass!

I can't believe how many gorgeous pieces you have. I wish I could buy them all!

Thanks again,


Amy Ogden wrote on March 4,2008
Great website and unbelievably beautiful jewelry!

Janie wrote on March 1,2008 about this piece
Beautiful bracelet Danielle!!! Thank you so much for designing it for me.

GUNU wrote on February 28,2008 about this piece
what if i just want a pendant in 18k gold?

Angelle wrote on February 25,2008 about this blog entry
Dear Danielle.. Every time I check out your sight to see the new items you have created, it simply blows me away. Your work stands above all others. Your creations are amazing and unique. Sister.. your talent is non-stopping. You go girl! I love your work...Ang

Janie wrote on February 25,2008 about this piece
Thank you Danielle! What a beautiful piece. You never cease to amaze me with your craftsmanship! Anyone can see you absolutely love what you do!

mary v wrote on February 23,2008 about this blog entry
i just love it!so detailed yet not gaudy, just beautiful!

Aimee wrote on February 23,2008 about this blog entry
This piece is my personal favorite. The Gold and the Glass (texture) and design are spot on if you are looking for nothing less than artistry, design and elegance. I love looking at your works of brings me back to the ocean where I remember so many wonderful summers. I own several pieces of Danielle's jewelry and they are a staple in my wardrobe and I always get compliments! Thank you Danielle :)

Daria Palladino wrote on February 19,2008 about this piece
Very Pretty Jewelry,beautiful designs. Very happy with my purchase.

Martie in Ohio wrote on February 14,2008 about this piece
Danielle,Thank you for making this stunning piece for me! I cannot wait to meet it in person when it arrives. Your work is truly amazing.


Walter Walker wrote on February 12,2008 about this piece
Danielle, I placed an order for item #'s 5781 & 2291. I believe that these are the two items we discussed earlier today. I would like the stones to match as near to each other as possible. If you have any suggestions either email me. Please overnight these items so that I will receive them Thursday morning. I will pay the shipping cost per the invoice you will enclose.


huey longh wrote on February 11,2008
Your Jewelry looks great,good job ,I have jars of sea glass from spain, and shells ,I do art work with them, never thought of Jewelry, good luck ,,huey long,

Martie Schoener wrote on February 6,2008 about this piece
I love this dark gray ring! I have been searching for a sea glass ring in sterling for a while. I know no 2 are alike, but will you have any thing similar to this piece? It is quite lovely! I wear a 7-7.5 size on my right hand.



NR wrote on February 5,2008 about this blog entry
Seaglass is very fashionable

NR wrote on February 5,2008 about this blog entry
The Beach Bum series looks fantastic.

melissa wrote on February 5,2008 about this blog entry
I couldn't agree with you more. It's very up and coming.

Candy Luciano wrote on January 29,2008
I was hoping to send you a piece of sea glass that I found here in perdido , florida to see if it can be made into a custom piece for my fiance. It is rare to find one here that is not still sharp, I grew up in Rye New Hampshire and collected many pieces there in the rocks. So I was hoping to see where to send this piece to have it made into a wedding piece.

Sherry Nirschl wrote on January 25,2008 about this piece
Dear Danielle,

I just received the citron bracelet, necklace and earrings. They are absolutely gorgeous! The sea glass is pretty, but your artistic talent in creating the perfect setting is what makes it complete. I enjoyed talking to you whenever I needed to. I'll be back for more!



Beverly Smith wrote on January 19,2008 about this piece
Received the necklace, it is just lovely. I am sure my daughterinlaw will love it

Marie in Guam wrote on January 15,2008 about this piece
This is a stunning piece of jewelry! You always seem to out do yourself Danielle.

Denise Fuller wrote on January 6,2008
Beautiful pieces

Elissa wrote on January 4,2008 about this piece
Danielle - I absolutely love the braclet that I ordered. It is exacly what I was looking for. Your artistic abilities are amazing and I will be shopping with you again. Thanks, and have a Happy New Year! -Elissa

Nell Reynolds wrote on December 26,2007
Received two pieces from your collection for Christmas. What beautiful pieces of art! Thanks!

Marie in Guam wrote on December 24,2007
Dear Danielle,

Wishing you and yours a very magical Christmas!



Patty Bateson wrote on December 15,2007
Re: Donation for "Fashion For Life" Silent Auction


The Vintage Black diamond Swarovski crystal Bracelet you created was gorgeous and so very elegant. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.

Kevin Jackson wrote on December 10,2007 about this piece
This is a gorgeous pendant! Would you happen to be making another like it? My sister both collects sea glass and loves seahorses. Let me know, when you have the chance -- your work is beautiful!

Susan Ronalds wrote on December 9,2007
Danielle, I am delighted with the three necklaces I ordered for Christmas, one each for my daughters-in-law and one for my mother. Because of the link I have with NS and my cousin picks seaglass for you to use, the gifts are very personal for me to give. I was very impressed with the quality of your workmanship and the "presence" of each of the pieces when I received them, as well as your excellent customer service. Your website is saved in my "favorites" now. Hopefully, the next piece I purchase will be for me (though it will be difficult to choose)! Thanks again, Danielle.

Diana wrote on December 3,2007
Thank you Danielle, for the beautiful pendants and chain. I can't wait to see my mother's face when she opens this gift this Christmas! The extra pendant is just beautiful! You are a very gifted jewelry artist!

Blessed Holidays, Diana

vickie bost wrote on December 2,2007
I want to see your jewelry.

Marie in Guam wrote on December 2,2007 about this piece
You are such a sweetheart Danielle! Thank you so very much for the gorgeous earrings. You are right, they will match the ring perfectly. What a wonderful Christmas gift. I will treasure them always.

Maureen Hampshire wrote on November 26,2007
Will you be making any more anklets?? If so, would you please let me know!!! I have just heard of your site and was disapointed they were all sold out!! I would love to purchase one if you should let me know!!! Thanks so much, Maureen

Marie Moore in Guam wrote on November 15,2007 about this piece
This is one of the most gorgeous pieces I have ever worn. The picture does not do it justice! Thank you Danielle for another exceptional piece of art to add to my ever expanding collection. You are truly the best!

Carol Prier wrote on November 13,2007 about this piece
Beautiful, unique present that I hope my daughter will always cherish.

Deborah wrote on November 7,2007 about this piece
Thank you again for the lovely vaseline glass earrings! They are stunning - and perfect with my vaseline glass pendant. I will treasure my treasures from the sea always.

Margaret Rossetto wrote on November 7,2007
Please let me know about new bracelets and necklaces.

Many of the ones I am interested in are already sold.



Marie Moore in Guam wrote on November 3,2007 about this piece
You were right Danielle! The gray pieces I purchased are absolutely gorgeous! I think they are my favorite. Although, I say that each time I put on a different piece. : ) I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to wear your magical jewelry. I often wonder how far each piece of glass had to travel before they reached your shore. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful glass and your creative talent. Your pieces will always be treasured!

Mary R wrote on October 29,2007 about this piece
I absolutely love your work!It is such and original idea,and I have always looked for seaglass though it is getting harder and harder to find!It is nice to wear something that reminds me of the ocean and looks so elegant at the same time!Your talent amazes me!:)

Monica M Barker wrote on October 29,2007 about this piece
Regarding my order for #1641, I would like an extender, as you offered. Thank you. By the way, what an exquisite design!

erin clayton wrote on October 25,2007
beautiful jewerly

martha wrote on October 25,2007
please send me information about your new jewelry. thank you

Mermaid Carol wrote on October 23,2007 about this piece
You just keep getting better and better! And you were already the best! Thank you so much for doing the custom piece for me in silver. I love having the clasp that opens so I can wear it on a variety of necklaces. And you sea angel you!!!! I can't believe you added the mermaid next to your signature wave at the top just for me!!!!!!!!!! King Neptune thinks you are irreplaceable in my life, but I already knew that! He's a silly King sometimes. I love the piece and love you!!! More glass will be coming your way as I must have earrings and so much more, and I am not a material mer, just happily stuck on sea glass and you.

Deborah wrote on October 22,2007 about this piece
I love my vaseline glass pendant! What a treasure - it's absolutely beautiful!! I hope to find earrings to match. Thank you!

Patrice McGrath wrote on October 16,2007
I am opening a boutique on Nov 1st. in Medfield, MA. I would like to make arrangments to sell your products in my store. Please contact me.

thank you,


Bequie wrote on October 14,2007
Danielle, I love your work. Being a fellow artist, I am getting married in May and wanted a bridesmaids gift that was unique and in with my beach wedding theme. I was wondering if I could commission 5-7 pieces from you. I'm in the 30-40 price range. Let me know if we could work something out. I love your style.

Marie Moore wrote on October 3,2007 about this piece
I purchased four pieces of jewelry from Danielle and I am EXTREMELY pleased! The sea glass jewelry absolutely took my breath away when I saw them for the first time. They still do! In fact, I just placed my second order. I will be a customer for life! Thank you Danielle. You have a talent beyond description.

Wendy Young wrote on September 26,2007 about this piece
I am interested in purchasing a bracelet from your website, can you tell me the length of the bracelet? Thanks, Wendy

Carol Nash wrote on September 26,2007 about this piece
Danielle, I am ready for the earrings to match my beautiful pendant. I have had so many compliments on this piece. Carol Nash

ruth riske wrote on September 24,2007
i went to sicily this summer and brought back some sea glass.I would like to have some pendants made for gifts. Please email me.

Mermaid Carol wrote on September 21,2007 about this piece
There is something better than the most fabulous custom piece Danielle Renee' made for me. That something is her! YES! Danielle Renee'!!I got to chat with her, and with the sweetest daughter Melissa. They are beyond the best to work with and to get to know. Being a seaglass nut, I would never trust anyone else with the precious pieces I have found. Danielle Renee' creates unbelievable jewelry, but she herself is even more special. Please don't hesitate to contact me for references. I myself have had my art works on the full cover of GIFTWARE NEWS--being a crafts person and being amongst so many, it takes a lot for me to recommend someone for a custom job. I can't wait to recommend Danielle Renee and I really can't wait for her to start on another custom piece for me!!!!!! Wishing all of you who connect here the peace of the water. xo Mermaid Carol

Angelle wrote on September 19,2007
Hi Danielle,

Can't thank you enough for me beautiful seaglass necklace. You designed with me in mind for sure. I just love it! I wear it often and enjoy turning heads. Keep up the great work..

Lydie Thomas wrote on September 18,2007
Dear Danielle,

We would love to sell your splendid jewelry on

Please contact me if you are interested.


Lydie Thomas

Jim Linnehan wrote on September 10,2007
You have a true gift from what I viewed in your gallery.

crystal watters wrote on September 2,2007
Bet ya have missed me....I'm ready to order the ankle bracelet-had a safety chain put on my awesome bracelet so I will now NEVER lose it.I don't have your e-mail address so I can not order as before-please contact me so we can get to this before the happy holiday rush


Karyn Kelsey wrote on August 27,2007 about this piece
I got my beautiful red sea glass necklace that I ordered for my aunt= it is truly stunning, and she loves it! I cannot wait to order more for myself. Danielle, you are a treasure yourself. Thank you so much,

Karyn Kelsey

Carol Nash wrote on August 5,2007 about this piece
I am so pleased with my one of a kind piece. Thank you again. You will be hearing from me again in the future as your work speaks to me. Carol

Linda Liggett wrote on August 1,2007
Danielle, check this site out.

Linda Liggett wrote on August 1,2007 about this piece
Aqua and Multi Color Swirl Danielle, my computer died and I lost all my email addresses. I have been meaning to tell you how much I adore the gorgeous honey and gold bracelet. I get compliments wherever I go. We are still unsure about the Sea Glass Festival, but will attend a local Seaglass presentation by LaMotte. I love the piece--Sea Glass Necklace The Mimi Collection "G" Series ©2007! Gorgeous and so different.

Take care, Linda

Mermaid Carol wrote on July 30,2007
How does one take care of your crystal bracelets? Are those stone as delicate as sea glass would be? Also, what do I do to ask you to make a custom pendant out of my own piece of sea glass. You are wonderful and I wish you all the peace and success in the world.

susan mcclendon wrote on July 29,2007
do you have any ankle bracelets?

Carol Nash wrote on July 28,2007 about this piece
I am interested in a pendant including a sterling sea turtle like the last sold item on your webpage. Will you be making more anytime soon? Carol

Carol Newman wrote on July 23,2007 about this piece
I love my necklace. It makes me feel good just by wearing it. Thank you for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

terry diamond wrote on July 23,2007 about this piece
I absolutely love all your work. I make glass jewelry as well, and hope mine turns out 1/2 as beautiful as yours.

terry canaday wrote on July 20,2007 about this piece
I am so delighted to say that I am now a proud owner of the most stunning set of sea glass earrings and matching pendent. Danielle Renee is a true artist and kindred sprit that truly understands the beauty of the seas. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Crystal J. Hansen Watters wrote on July 16,2007 about this piece
I would love the world to know I am now wearing the most breath taken sea glass bracelet designed just for me by Danielle Renee' and I am more than honored to wear it. Truly beautiful it is it is/Crystal J. Hansen Watters

Ned wrote on July 15,2007 about this piece
fantistic piece!

Terri Aucella wrote on July 15,2007
Uh-oh-might have created a monster here. My husband is hooked on collecting sea glass and now that I have seen the ad in Coastal Living, I know what we can do with it. Do you have wine charms? Have not looked at all you have to offer yet, but recall seeing some at a little shop on LBI and still regret not buying them. Now I definitely want something custom using my fave finds. Live in Fort Lauderdale now after 30 plus years on the north shore of Boston. Summers of my youth spent on LBI-all great places to seek "mermaids' tears". You demonstrate great artistry and tap into so many folks' idyllic beach memories.

susan wrote on July 10,2007 about this piece
thank you ! what a wonderful necklace. I"m so impressed with the quality..

Kelley Rochefort wrote on July 9,2007 about this piece
Wow - I just received my (2) custom made sea glass pendants, and was amazed at the quality of work that was done on them. Thanks Danielle Renee - now I have a tough decision ahead of me (which pendant to keep and which pendant to give to my sister for her birthday). And placing my order was easy and the turnaround was quicker than I expected. Thanks again - I'm sure I will be calling on you soon to get your creative juices going. The pieces mean a lot to me and are greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Fluet wrote on July 7,2007 about this piece
Danielle, Thanks again for my wonderful birthday present. Your site will stay in my Favorites so Mike can again find it easily when he wants to buy me another! I may not be able to wait that long...

Frank Allen wrote on July 6,2007

I must not have kept your email reply, as I did not want my wife to know what I was up to.

Am interested in a bracelet and a matching pendant in the seafoam color. Also like the thinner lines of gold accross the glass stone / matching style with the bracelet. Her favorite watch / bracelet is about 6 1/2 to 7 inches long. Small wrist. Can you call me to discuss? Yellow gold. Pictures of possibilities?


Crystal Watters wrote on July 3,2007
i LOVE THE SEA GLASS BRACLET IN THE COASTAL lIVING July/August can that bracelet be done in an 8 1/2 size?? and what would the cost be-can I send a check and how ong would the waiting time be to receive this item? Thank you for your time on this-how beautiful it all is. do you do anklet bracelets also-again I would need a larger one than ususal.

Frank Allen wrote on June 30,2007 about this piece
I like your seafoam glass gold bracelet. Is is possible to purchase the same color combination in a matching pendant?

Regan wrote on June 29,2007
Beautiful! I have been collecting sea glass for years myself - always wanted to make jewelry with it but I'm not skilled in wire wrapping. I rarely see the ocean because my eyes are focused on the ground! Didn't know there were so many out there like me. Thanks for such gorgeous work!

SHARON wrote on June 26,2007
Danielle, are you still making the crystal anklets

Cheryl Jeffrey wrote on June 25,2007 about this piece
Hello there from Joisey! Just stopped by to check out your site and wanted to say hello! I've had my necklace for about a year now and I always receive many compliments when I have it on. It's just as beautiful as the day I bought it! Thanks for sharing your creativity! Miss you guys and tell "the kid" I said hello!

Barbara Valenzuela wrote on June 23,2007
Beautiful jewelry! Hope to have a piece soon!!!

Maureen Skea wrote on June 23,2007
I have a retail store on the Jersey Shore (Spring Lake) and love your jewelry! It would be a wonderful compliment to my store. I would love to hear from you. Thank you.


PS My sister's name is Mimi

Janie wrote on June 22,2007 about this piece
Thank you Danielle. Another exquisite piece! I will wear it with much joy.

Cheryle Francis wrote on June 19,2007 about this piece
I just received my Peach Color Seaglass Necklace and Bracelet and love it. It is so o unique and is a great addition to my collection. YOur web-stie is fantastic with so many rare pieces and all set in such exquisite design. Look forward to finding my next new pieces.

Julie Glassman wrote on June 16,2007

Thank you! Your work is beautiful! My sister's name is Mimi.

Julie Glassman


Diane wrote on June 15,2007 about this piece
Thank you Danielle! I LOVE this pendant!!!! I have only had it a couple days, and can see already it will be one of my favorites forEVER!! I get compliments whenever I wear it, and my daughter is already looking forward to her inheritance! ;-) I've been collecting sea glass since I was a child, but have never found a piece as lovely as this...but now I have even MORE incentive! I'd love to find a piece on one of my favorite beaches to have you custom set. Thank you, THANK YOU for a most cherished piece...your work is AMAZING!!! ~Diane

Janie wrote on June 11,2007 about this piece
Simply gorgeous artistry! Thank you so much!!!

Janie wrote on June 5,2007 about this piece
I love this piece. Can you tell me how much the pendant measures from top to bottom? Thank you

Diane Lee-Smith wrote on June 4,2007 about this piece
I love this stuff. Beautiful work.

Kathie wrote on June 2,2007
Do you have any cobalt sea glass bangles in sterling silver...please?

Kathie Shaffer wrote on June 2,2007 about this piece
I love this. How long is the pendant??? Can I purchase the pendant w/o the chain?

Joy Slaughter wrote on May 26,2007
I saw your ad in CoastalLiving. Love the wonderment of beach glass. Thanks, Joy Slaughter

Michelle wrote on May 26,2007

John wrote on May 17,2007
Hi, never have I seen such GORGEOUS handmade jewelry designs!! Are you going to have an affiliate program soon, please? My visitors would ADORE your creations!!!

Laurie wrote on May 9,2007 about this piece
Dear Danielle,

Your work is truly beautiful and I'm thrilled with the 4 pendants I've just bought. I'm a native Floridian and the sand and sea are in my blood, so your work feels like something that was always a part of what makes me, me. (and you ARE fantastic to deal with!)

Laurie Wolf wrote on May 6,2007 about this piece
Me again......what is the size of the pendant in this necklace? Thanks!

Laurie Wolf wrote on May 6,2007 about this piece
Hi Danielle!

What is the size of the pendant itself? Thanks!

Nicole wrote on May 4,2007
Danielle, You truely are an amazing artist. Your jewlery is some of the most beautiful jewlery I have ever seen.

Mary-Margaret Monk wrote on April 27,2007 about this piece
Dear Danielle,

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found you. Having grown up at the beach, I have a great love for all things created by the sea; especially sea glass. I have shopped all over and your creations are by far the most beautiful out there. You are a truly gifted artist. I look forward to purchasing many more of your creations in the future for myself and for those I love. It has been such a pleasure working with you. I have never delt with anyone who communicated as well as you do...and I order everything on the internet! You really are the best. Thank you for everything. Mary-Margaret

Valerie wrote on April 26,2007 about this piece
Danielle, I love my new necklace and so do all my friends. Everyone wants to know where I bought such a beautiful piece. I grew up in Massachusetts, so it thrills me to have such a pretty reminder from my home state.

Mig wrote on April 24,2007

You go girl!! Spectacular work, the beauty you bring to your pieces is breathless!


Laurie wrote on April 21,2007 about this piece
What is the size of this piece? Thanks!!

Linda L. Liggett, L.C.S.W.-C. wrote on March 17,2007 about this piece
I just purchased a gorgeous white frosted necklace and can't wait to get it. Your designs are true art. Linda

wendy wrote on March 3,2007
Hi, love your designs..I live in Dakar, Senegal, the beaches here are littered with seaglass, especially Goree Island, I'd love my African seaglass turned into something meaningful!!!

Brittany wrote on February 28,2007 about this piece
Thank you so much for customizing my necklace exactly the way I wanted it. I can't believe within two weeks you made my necklace and had it to my door. I can't thank you enough! I love it!!

Barb from Texas wrote on February 14,2007
I love to go to Texas City, Texas and look for sea glass.

I have found some old pottery shards and pink, blue , light

green glass. and other colors too. I'd love to have some of my sea glass made into jewelry.

Barb in Maryland wrote on February 7,2007
Your jewelry is just spectacular....I have passed on your web link to others..

Barb in Maryland

GLADYS wrote on February 6,2007 about this piece


Barb in Maryland wrote on February 7,2007 about this piece
OMG..this one is is more gorgeous then the other two...I am just in awe of your jewelry...

Barb in Maryland wrote on February 7,2007 about this piece
WOW..this is even more gorgeous then the green one...

Barb in Maryland wrote on February 7,2007 about this piece absolutely Gorgeous!!

Kathleen wrote on February 5,2007 about this piece
Thanks Danielle !! They're Beautiful !!!

Deborah wrote on January 19,2007 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I want to thank you for the two gorgeous seaglass pendants I received yesterday. Your work is spectacular and truly jewelry artistry. Thank you for sharing your talents and your finds from the sea. I know Iíll be back again.

Sincerely, Deborah

Laura wrote on January 3,2007
Hi Danielle!

I love my earrings and canít wait to wear them more. As an artist myself, I feel the jewelry makes a statement and stands out as beautiful designs. It can really be worn with anything..casual or dressy which is very nice. Keep up the good work!

Best, Laura

Paige - wrote on December 22,2006 about this piece
I love the beautiful earrings and pendant! They will be perfect as Christmas gifts. Donít worry, theyíre going to good homes!

Robin and Michelle - 2006-11-11 16:54:00 wrote on November 11,2006

The jewelry you create is beautiful!!!


Mary wrote on November 11,2006 about this piece
Hello Danielle,

I received the bracelet yesterday and it is beautiful! I am from New Enland so it is very fitting. Thank you so much for everything!!


Rena David wrote on November 6,2006 about this piece
Aloha Danielle,

Proudly wore the Volcano Swarovski pendant at a fundraiser benefit - Monte Carlo theme. It was noticed immediately and all the ladies raved about the piece. Simply stunning....

Great thanks for the joy it brings



Mary wrote on November 4,2006
I canít tell you enough how beautiful your work is.It is one of my very best finds on the web!!I have already sent it to some friends.

Bill Lehman - 2006-11-03 16:51:18 wrote on November 3,2006
Danielle Your jewelry is very unique and beautiful. Billy

Angelle wrote on October 28,2006
Danielle Reneeí.... It simply does not matter if I wear my earings or my necklace..I have never received more compliments in my life! Even my hair stylist would like to host a party in her salon! Your not only a very talented artist, your jewelery is made to last!

Canít wait till Christmas!


. Mary J wrote on October 27,2006
Dear Danielle,

Your jewelry is magnificent. When I wear the jewelry I get so much attention. They make me feel beautiful!

Thank you

Mary J

al wrote on October 26,2006

Hi there danielle.

your jewelry is amazing; and a great use of something natural.

I live in Mass, and would love to get something for my mother for christmas. But, i was wondering if you had a store; or set up a stand anywhere so i could look at them sometime in person. What can i say, mothers are picky.

Sheila wrote on October 24,2006 about this piece
Danielle, Iím truly addicted!! Your work is exceptional and I just love wearing your pieces, and giving them as gifts. Thanks, Sheila

susan wrote on October 24,2006
Danielle your jewerly is just great. I love the piece I bought. Get compliments all the time. Good luck.


Mary wrote on October 23,2006
What a beautiful idea and beautiful collection

kARA wrote on October 23,2006
Your Jewelry is absolutely beautiful!