Sea Glass Jewelry - by DanielleRenee 

Designing My Sea Glass Jewelry:

Inspiration surrounds us in nature and I draw mine from the sea.  Spending much of my designing time by the ocean shore, inspiration abounds and is evident in my art.  Classroom time, studying privately with seasoned artists and jewelers and many hours of experimentation in the studio all afford me to stay on the cutting edge of designing sea glass jewelry.  Several different approaches are used as I continue to grow as an artist and strive to manifest my craftsmanship with elegance and grace.  

Each piece of sea glass in the gallery collection is the real deal, unaltered and jewelry grade. The finest raw materials and findings are used in designing and creating including sterling silver, Argentium, gold and gold filled metals.  All crystals are genuine Swarovski’s.

For your enjoyment I share a few of my designs and inspiration here ~

       Barnacle Ballet is one of my treasured designs.  It was inspired by canal living in florida where he barnacles and different types of sea life adhere to and the canals creating exciting patterns along the walls while thriving.  This design is used with authentic sea glass marbles or orbs and recycled sterling silver.

Seafoam Sea Glass, Swarovski and Sterling Silver Necklace 




     Drilled sea glass is incorporated into this original beaded necklace design inspired by foaming waves engulfing ocean treasures in the curl  then pounding  sandy beaches.




Authentic Sea Glass Earrings in Bezel Set 



Contemporary sea glass earring designs are reminiscent of low tide flats in the basin.  Sandy streams filling small pools of water until the basin is once again full at high tide.









Stormy seas are the inspiration behind this piece.  The power of the surf is both majestic and beautiful.





The sun's reflection on a sandy ocean floor reveals a glistening mirrored reflection.  This sea glass cuff bracelet is intended to emulate that beauty.  The texture gently fades as it approaches the sea glass focal as does the tides exposing sea glass on the shore only to be picked by the sea glass collector.






 Pools of salty sea water in vibrant shades of blue and green define sandbars and deep waters in the ocean tropcis has inspired this double sea glass piece.  The connector between the two allows for fluidity in natural movements as does the sea.







 The natural movements of an ocean wave are so powerful and beautiful.  This sea glass ring is designed to emulate these characteristics.  The wide band tappered to show off the curl both around the finger and the topper. The hammered texture is added for sparkle.






 There are some pieces of authentic sea glass that just need to be elevated to a new level as an expression of their true gem like quality.  This pink is outstanding and was found on the beach just the way it is.  I have added a pink morganite gemstone.




Caring for your jewelry:

To keep your jewelry looking new, wipe gently after being worn with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth and keep your jewelry in a zip lock baggie and even better put the baggie in a plastic air tight container. It's amazing how your jewelry will stay cleaner much longer . Many cleaning products are available for sterling silver and gold filled jewelry. I recommend for GF & silver wire “Sunshine Cleaning Cloths”.  Pastes and professional jewelry cleaning machines (ionic) are available. My personal experience is that Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver and Gold filled pendants clean beautifully in an ionic jewelry cleaner or jewelry tumbler. Wipe gently with a soft cloth. Follow directions on labels of all cleaning products.  The glass itself cleans very nicely with a mild liquid dish detergent.  Unless you like the oxidized look, clean regularly. The more tarnished silver becomes all the more difficult to restore it to its' original luster.  A few more tips about fine metal jewelry include, do not wear sterling silver or gold filled jewelry in the shower, swimming, hot tub or to bed. Always put your jewelry on last. After both hairspray and or perfume has been used.

Professional cleaning and adjusment service is available.   Please for more information.

Product info regarding GF products: Gold filled has the beautiful, rich look of gold at a fraction of the cost.  It will not chip or peel like gold plate.  Gold-filled describes when a layer of gold is mechanically bonded with heat and pressure to one or more surfaces of the supporting base metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness. In the jewelry industry the quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product. Under FTC regulations, a product may be marked as 14, 12 or 10kt gold-filled. Karat measurement of the gold content must be part of the marking or designation. So when you see 14k/20 that means it is 14k gold comprising 1/20 of the weight. Gold-filled items will remain gold for a lifetime if cared for properly. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your gold filled jewelry.  


Danielle offers professional cleaning and repair services. If you wish to have your jewelry repaired or cleaned please email at  Reasonable Rates!

 Shipping & Insurance in USA:  $10
International: Priority with insurance $23


My Sea Glass Jewelry was made to last a  lifetime.  Please follow the care instructions.  Items may not be returned because of tarnishing.
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