Sea Glass Jewelry - by DanielleRenee 

Authentic Sea Glass Jewelry & Gift Giving - A Sentimental Journey



Finding that perfect gift. Something beautiful, unique and evocative that won’t drain your bank account. Sea glass jewelry is all this and eco friendly too.

The business of making sea glass jewelry has been a sentimental journey. Currently witnessing a trend that is still on the rise, consumers are turning to hand made items especially in gift giving. An expression of individuality is becoming more and more prominent in fashion and so too I am seeing more and more people gravitating towards sea glass jewelry.

Beauty! Similar to looking through a stained glass window with the sun shining through it. Its‘ beauty is incomparable.

Uniqueness! In the many years I have been working with sea glass, I have yet to find two identical pieces. There may be similarities in common colors but even in commonness you will still see some differences. This is evident when pairing for sea glass earrings. If you see two rare pieces of sea glass paired for earrings don ‘t hesitate to grab them because the pairing process may take years in order to find an acceptable mate.

Eco friendly! Sea glass best cleaned with a mild dish detergent, is used as it is found on the beach. No need to add oils to enhance the glass this will occur naturally as the piece is worn due to the natural oils in the skin.

Evocative in the sense that the types of glass and pottery used is my sea glass jewelry are aged but still identified in the patterns, textures, colors and sometimes markings on the piece of sea glass.

Sea glass jewelry designing is an expression of my love of the ocean and the beach. I often hear from people that after visiting my website they also relive a sentimental journey. I hope you do too.

Danielle Renee’


Each piece of sea glass jewelry comes with a beautiful gift box.  You also have the option of purchasing a Deluxue Dura Suede gift box to enhance your gift giving.