Sea Glass Jewelry - by DanielleRenee 

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 All Natural Sea Glass Jewlery "The MIMI Collection" © 2006-2013~All rights reserved


About me~  My love of sea glass stems from being an old beach bum at heart.  I am a life long sea glass collector and full time sea glass artisan. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and eldest sister to nine siblings and blessed with many lifelong friends.

 Danielle sea glass hunting in Massachusetts

My sea glass journey has taken many turns and certainly has been and continues to be an adventure. The thrill of the find, the satisfaction of self approval of my art and pleasing my customers with the sea glass jewelry they purchase from me are my obsession and my joy.

I have many interests that include reading, travel, sports, music and art. However the dearest to my heart is spending time with my loved ones as well as spending time at the shore.

How it all began~ My Grandmother "Mimi" & I spent many wonderful summer months at her beach cottage along the New England shore. We both loved everything the seacoast had to offer with it's sights & smells and it's tranquility.  

These were days spent in the sun running barefoot and whiffle ball on the beach was the sport of the day. Finding sea shells, star fish and the like were the treasures that we surrendered to Mimi at the end of the day for her to find just the spot for each delightful find.  We especially enjoyed finding our precious sea glass AKA beach glass (beachglass) gems along the shore and kept them in a container at the Beach house.

As a young adult, summers at Mimi’s beach house continued but now this space and time was shared with my girlfriends. The beaches were sprinkled with friends from Plum Island, MA to Hampton Beach NH. This is where I met my husband Tom.

After Tom and I married we continued to spend summer vacations at the beach and to this day stroll along our old stomping grounds where the shoreline is still sprinkled with friends during the summer months only to find that we are in a different season. Children are grown and some of our friends are entertaining grandchildren where we once gathered. It is all still wonderful.

I continue to seek out my sea glass gems and I trade often with professional sea glass collectors around the globe in an effort to find the finest sea glass our oceans have to offer up. My goal is to create the finest sea glass jewelry.  This collection of Sea Glass (seaglass) Jewelry by Danielle Renee' is for the "Beach Lover" as I am. I hope you enjoy browsing through my Gallery affectionately named the "MIMI COLLECTION".

Cognizant of the peace and pleasure that is experienced while hunting for authentic sea glass, I was inspired to share my beach combing activities with others.  Hence I started a sea glass hunter's group in New England in the spring of 2009.  We are a very active group and wonderful friendships have spawned due to this common interest.  We call ourselves the North East Sea Glass Society.  Our group is noncommercial and nonprofit.  It is strictly for the love of sea glass and is all inclusive.

I am also a member of the North American Sea Glass Association aka NASGA and formerly served on the Executive Board as the Treasurer.

So what's next for me?  Soon I will be teaching.  Yes, I will be opening up my Sassyseaglass Studio to students who wish to learn the art of wire wrapping sea glass.  Stay tuned!


Danielle Renee'

A portion of all sales will be donated to "Breast Cancer Research" in Memory of Mary Lillian Ouellette

Jewelry by Danielle Renee also donates to:

Community Action Inc.

Haverhill Rotary Club

American Cancer Society


Essex Art Center